Harley’s Serial 1 is now Selling a Limited Run of its Stunning Retro-Inspired E-Bike

Last October, Harley-Davidson made waves in the cycling world when it unveiled the first prototype from its Serial 1 e-bike offshoot. Inspired by the Bar and Shield’s 1903 motorcycle — Serial Number One — it boasted a distinctively old-school appearance. In fact, with a Brooks saddle, some hand-wrapped grips, and a set of white tires, Harley-Davidson proved that e-bikes could, of all things, actually be cool.

And now you can get one for yourself. For the initial installment in its upcoming S1 series, Serial 1 has announced a limit-edition e-bike inspired by that very prototype. Dubbed the ‘MOSH/TRIBUTE,’ it’s effectively one of the brand’s production models with a vintage-styled visual upgrade. As such, it retains many of the same features as found on the first Serial 1, including the black and gold paint scheme, the stark white Schwalbe rubber, as well as the stamped brass shield and leather touchpoints. However, being a MOSH/CTY model at its core, the bike also brings some pretty respectable componentry to the table. Between the Gates carbon belt drive, the torquey Brose motor, and the powerful TRP hydraulic disc brakes, it’s got everything necessary for an efficient, effortless commute. And with tidy internal cables along with integrated front and rear lighting, you can stay stylish yet also safely seen.

If you’re interested in buying one, you’ll have to act fast. Serial 1 is building just 650 MOSH/TRIBUTE bikes — priced at $5,999 apiece — and they’re bound to sell out soon. Expected delivery is slated for Holiday 2021, though you’ll be able to catch further limited-edition S1 bikes later down the line.

Purchase: $5,999