Harley-Davidson Unveils A Modern eBike Inspired By Its First-Ever Motorcycle

Back in July of 2018, Harley-Davidson announced its “More Roads To H-D” initiative, which aimed to expand the Bar and Shield brand’s product range and customer base with streetfighter and adventure bike concepts, as well as several two-wheeled EVs. And after officially debuting its fully-electric Livewire motorcycle, the MoCo has now revealed its next proton-powered production offering with the all-new Serial 1 eBike.

Though the Serial 1 represents a decided change of pace for the MoCo, the eBike still retains a host of traits paying homage to Harley’s bikes of yesteryear, with a sprung tractor-style saddle, spoked wheels shod in white tires, and a blacked-out frame with a backbone stretching from the steering head all the way back to a hard-tail setup, a la the cruiser company’s 1930’s Knuckleheads. Leather grips, seat, and meta pedals all help to further the Serial 1’s old-school appearance, too. In typical Harley fashion, the eBike boasts a composite belt-driven final drive, while stopping power is provided by hydraulic discs front and aft. Taking its name from the Black and Orange’s first-ever motorcycle model, the Serial 1 will also be launched under a separate, independent entity, rather than from the Milwaukee manufacturer itself. Pricing, specs, and availability have yet to be revealed, though the Serial 1 is slated to enter production in March of 2021.

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