Harley-Davidson Scrambler ‘A-15’

For 15 years, an American Staffordshire Terrier stayed by her owner’s side through all sorts of adventures around Australia. When she sadly passed, her owner decided to pay tribute to the loyal pooch in what might go down as one of the coolest ways we have ever seen – by commissioning A-15, a custom Harley-Davidson Scrambler, from Gasoline Motor Co.

Franky, the owner, asked that the build be aggressive, edgy, and able to handle just about anything he could throw at it. And we’ll be damned if Gasoline Motor Co. didn’t deliver in spades. This 1200cc street-bike-turned-off-road-monster is one of the toughest custom motorcycle builds we’ve ever seen. Set in a scrambling stance with a heightened clearance and removal of all unnecessary bulk, the A-15 is fitted with a brat style cowhide seat and matching handles, a unique camouflage painted tank and side panels, and all-terrain tires. It’s a touching tribute to the lost pup and one that promises to remain equally as loyal throughout all of the lucky owner’s coming adventures.

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