Harley-Davidson Electric Concept Bikes

In a bid to attract younger riders, Harley-Davidson has tried to kickstart their business by investing in a new set of bikes: all-electric motorcycles. It started with their LiveWire, set to go on sale this year, but they’ve wasted no time unveiling two others at this year’s CES.

The unnamed all-electric concept bikes are vastly different from the LiveWire — and from one another. The first (pictured above) looks to be a moped-style mountain bike, complete with an aggressive downhill-ready stance, dual crown suspension, disc brakes, and all-terrain tires. And the second is a much smaller, urban-friendly scooter, presumably designed for the city commuter crowd. Little other information is available — they were both unveiled completely devoid of performance specs — but their styling is a promising look at what Harley should have in store for us in the coming years.

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