Start Them Young With Harley’s 11MPH Electric Balance Bike

When you want your young ones to follow in your two-wheel tread marks, you have to start them young. The Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike is built for tiny riders, so they can get their first taste of motorcycle mayhem as young as three years old.

There are two sizes available for the kids to enjoy: the Irone12 and the Irone16. The electric bikes are powered by a quick-change lithium-ion battery with 20Vmax voltage and 2Ah, giving kids a ride time between 30-60 minutes. The lightweight aluminum TIG-welded frame bikes have BMX-style forks and adjustable seats. Once your child is more comfortable on the e-bike, they can utilize the tapered footrest for a smoother ride. And there are three power options to choose from, including training, standard, and advanced mode. The advanced Green Mode allows the rider to move at speeds up to 11 mph. You can grab the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike today, starting at $649.

Purchase: $649+