Harley-Davidson ‘Blue Edition’ Cruiser

It’s not that weird to see a motorcycle brand and a watchmaker work together on a special edition bike. It is, however, uncommon to see one with such extensive work done that it becomes the most expensive brand new motorcycle in the world, as is the case with the Harley-Davidson ‘Blue Edition’ cruiser by Bucherer.

Bucherer, for the record, is a Swiss watchmaking brand responsible for making some of the most finely crafted timepiece in the world. So, when Harley called them up to work on a custom bike, they pulled out all the stops. In fact, the ‘Blue Edition’ bike took over a whopping 2,500 hours to create – completely by hand. Upgrades include the addition of 350 diamonds, gold-plated screws, dual integrated kinetic-winding safes with a one-of-a-kind watch and finely crafted rings inside, an iridescent blue engine, and so much more. All told, this opulent bike is selling for $1,882,090.

Purchase: $1,882,090