Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk

Few notions resonate stronger with outdoorsman the world over than the universal utility of a tomahawk. If you’ve never owned one, you’re missing out. And if you have, odds are Hardcore Hardware is a brand that resonates just as strongly in terms of matching execution and quality in design.

Enter the CTT-01 (Compact Tactical Tomahawk), designed especially for individuals who demand a compact (overall length measures in at 10.3 inches) and easy to reach tool that’s suitable for any rescue or survival mode. It’s half the size of their BFT-01 Tomahawk but maintains the large cutting head because why not right? The ergonomic handle also allows the operator to choke up with comfort for delicate tasks such as slicing or shaving while remaining in line with the tomahawks ability to handle powerful chopping strokes through a lower hold. The CTT boasts D2 steel for the blade, a G10 handle, a Teflon finish, and weighs in at a lightweight 1.5 pounds. Users also enjoy a friction lock carry system that comes with the piece as well. Available now for $250. [Purchase]

Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk 2