Hanx Writer: Tom Hanks Typewriter App

How do you follow-up a career with Saving Private Ryan, Big, Philadelphia, and sure, what the hell, Bosom Buddies? You create a free typewriter app. Obviously.

Tom Hanks’ legend of awesomeness only grows with Hanx Writer, a new application for the iPad that recreates the “joys” of typing on a manual typewriter. Apparently the screen legend is a huge typewriter aficionado, and yes, that’s the first time we’ve ever written that term. There’s on-screen “paper,” authentic sounds, and different models to choose from. Each document can be emailed, printed, and shared, and they’re said to have their own “unique statement-making personality,” like the Hanx 707 or the “sleek and elegant” Hanx Golden Touch. Maybe you can write a letter to Wilson. Ya know, see how he’s doing and whatnot. [Purchase]