Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten

Aug 31, 2015

Category: Tech

You won’t find a system with a better catalog of games than the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While the scope of games pales in comparison to today’s games, the sheer number of titles that the NES had has still gone unmatched by today’s consoles. Now, you can bring those titles with you on the go with the PE358 NES Handheld Emulator System by Love Hulten.

This pocket sized portable system takes its inspiration from the Game Boy Advance. It folds in half like a 3DS, and measures just 8 x 8 x 4cm. It’s built on Raspberry Pi A+, with software that allows you to play an unlimited number of NES roms. Its shell is made from American walnut. The tension of the hinge can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. There’s no word on whether or not this gem will ever go on sale, but we’d imagine there’d be some sort of legal battle over the inclusion of so many roms.

Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten 2

Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten 3

Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten 4

Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten 5

Handheld Nintendo Emulator System by Love Hulten 6

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