Handgrey Titanium Keychain Carabiner

Even the hipster movement, which aims to do quirky old school stuff at the cost of convenience, admits key chains are necessary. Because if carrying 17 loose keys in your pocket won’t impress that maroon-haired, pierced blonde at Barnes and Noble, then there’s absolutely no sense in doing it.

So if you’re in the market for one, check out the Handgrey Series Titanium Keychain Carabiner, the result of more than a year of experimentation on over 100 test designs that creator Thanasit Inkavesvaanit came up with. Last year he unveiled a unibody design, and this time it’s a traditional 2 piece design, with each piece individually cut from Grade 5 Titanium. And just in case you do wind up on Jeopardy!, it won’t hurt to know that the word “carabiner” is shortened from of Karabiner-haken, “a German phrase for a “spring hook” used by a carbine rifleman, or carabineer, to attach items to a belt or bandolier.” [Purchase]