Hand Carved Steer Skulls

Apr 17, 2014

Category: Living

Trick houseguests into thinking you grew up on a ranch and possess some insane artistic skills with this hand carved cow skull. When they ask which ranch, look slightly upwards and off to the side and somberly say, “My friend, that was a lonnng time ago.” They’ll be hooked.

These are indeed real cow and steer skulls that are painstakingly carved by Balinese Master Artisan Carvers. Each skull is slightly different, since we are of course talking about different animals and different artists at work. It takes a couple of weeks for the skull to be carved, prepared, and ready to ship, and note that it comes with the horns unattached. For an extra $75, you can also have it personalized with the design of your choice. If you go that route, be sure to choose something very personal, so you can pull off that caper we suggested above. [Purchase]

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