Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster For Sale

Han Solos DL-44 Blaster For Sale 1
Times are tough for Han Solo. After that blowup he had with Chewie over college football’s BCS system (Chewie, for some reason, doesn’t want a playoff), Han hit the skids. He’s now looking to sell his prized DL-44 Blaster he used on Greedo and many a Stormtrooper. Yes, the actual movie prop is up for auction and it could bring home more than $200,000. That should be enough to patch the ol’ Falcon up, no?

Of course the gun doesn’t actually fire little red lasers, but then neither did it when Han pointed it at Vader across that table in The Empire Strikes Back (Zing!). It was created for Harrison Ford’s use in Empire and Return of the Jedi. If you’d like to see another freeze frame of it, jump to Han’s tussle with a Stormtrooper on Endor. [Purchase]

Han Solos DL-44 Blaster For Sale 2

Han Solos DL-44 Blaster For Sale 3