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Han Solo’s Long-Lost DL-44 Heavy Blaster Is Heading to Auction

While prop auctions are a dime a dozen, every so often, we’ve come across a particular lot that is too cool to gloss over. The latest example dates back to 1977 and comes from a galaxy far, far away. Fans of one Mr. Han Solo will be ecstatic to hear that the only surviving model of his BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol is up for grabs via Rock Island Auction.

Barring the omnipotent lightsaber, this 9mm blaster is arguably one of the most memorable weapons in Star Wars lore, as it has appeared in countless notable scenes through the original and most recent trilogy — specifically the controversial altercation between Han and Greedo in A New Hope (we all know Han shot first). On that note, this ‘70s-era example is the same one that Harrison Ford wielded around on the set of the franchise’s first blockbuster film.

As production of the original trilogy ensued, the original prop blaster was labeled missing, ultimately forcing Ford to utilize a new one for the rest of the series. In fact, the replacement used in Return of the Jedi was recently auctioned off for $550,000. As added trivia, The Mauser C96 pistol that the blaster is based around was originally used by Frank Sinatra in the 1967 spy thriller The Naked Runner, which only sets this prop apart even more.

With help from this auction, one lucky Star Wars fan can celebrate the 45th anniversary of A New Hope in as authentic a manner as ever. The estimated price for Han Solo’s Mauser Broomhandle “DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol” Prop ranges between $300,000-500,000 via Rock Island Auctions, but don’t be surprised if the price shoots even higher..

Purchase: $300,000+

Photo: Rock Island Auction
Photo: Rock Island Auction