Hammocraft Hammock Raft

Ever wish you could rest in a hammock while rowing around in a lake? Yeah, we haven’t either. That doesn’t make this Hammocraft any less cool, however.

As the name would suggest, this structure is designed to hold up to five hammocks (not included) on a floatation device of your choosing so you can out-chill even the chillest bros. Once you cop this easily assembled device all you need to do is wrangle up some friends, a bunch of sunblock, some paddleboards, and you’ll be able to experience what may be the zenith of summer comfort. Just do us all a favor and decide before you crack your first beer that you and your buddies won’t be taking this thing into any rapids. The Hammocraft sells for $1,000. [Purchase]

Hammocraft 1

Hammocraft 3

Hammocraft 4

Hammocraft 5