This 8.5GB Bluetooth Bike Computer Maps Your Ride & Tracks Your Vitals

The health and fitness-focused bicycle computer isn’t anything new, but with each passing day, technology takes yet another step into the realm of functional use. Perhaps the latest, and most well-rounded of the bunch is the Hammerhead Karoo — an aesthetically-pleasing product that combines all of the most attractive aspects of its competition within a single, intuitive platform.

If you’re serious about your two-wheeled traversal statistics, the Hammerhead Karoo is the perfect item to keep all of your hard-earned achievements in one place. It features a sleek, attractive silhouette that attaches to your handlebars effortlessly, providing a clear and concise illustration of heart rate, cadence, and speed throughout the ride. Thanks to the unit’s bolstered 8.5-gigabyte storage, you’ll be able to download cycle-specific maps of your surrounding area — including cities, states, and other countries — to ensure that you’re always on track, no matter where you go. And the best part? The Karoo is built upon the latest Android operating system, meaning that you’ll be privy to the technology’s latest developments, including software upgrades, transformations, and evolutionary design. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing bicycle computer to fulfill all of your statistical wants and needs, the Hammerhead Karoo is available on the brand’s website for $400.

Purchase: $400