Hammer Grip Slingshot

Used by misfits, underdogs, and rambunctious kids for millennia – it is hard to think of a more classic weapon than the slingshot. It is a simple, discreet, and extremely powerful tool. Industrial designer Mark Seljan has always been a fan of the slingshot, but it wasn’t until just recently that he decided to take a swing at trying to improve on the form with his own design, the Hammer Grip slingshot.

What makes the Hammer Grip so noteworthy is how quickly and easily you can customize it to your preferences. If you are feeling like hunting, you can slide in the slingbow head for firing off arrows. Not feeling the double tube sling on the fork? With the Ocularis band attachment it is super easy to set it up with single tubes, flat bands, or whatever you see fit. In addition to all of this, the accessory rail on the glass filled nylon composite grip can fit a wrist brace, flashlight, or whatever else you want. This lethal tool starts at $50. [Purchase]