Halo Board

Last year, we had hover boards. Kids and adults alike lined up outside of shops and filled the order queues of online retailers to get a chance to zoom around on a gyroscopically balanced, electric powered board. This year? We have the Halo Board.

Aside from being great at not catching on fire spontaneously, this board is an ideal pick for the kid or adult looking for a fun alternative mod of transportation. All users need to do is to step on and go and the board will propel the rider along on a single 8 inch tire at the center of the board with the help of the Halo Balancing Technology. In addition to being able to reach up to 12 miles an hour and climb grades of up to 18 degrees, the board can shine LED pathway lights and even play music via Bluetooth connection to keep you safe and entertained wherever you go. As far as charge goes? This board boasts the best. It features a certified Samsung lithium ion battery can hold a charge for two hours, and itself can be charged in just one. All things said, it’s an ideal pick for the holidays. Prices start at $700. [Purchase]