Halide Camera App

The Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may have a really powerful camera, but the phone’s controls often can leave photographers yearning for more. To fix that issue, an ex-Apple designer and Twitter engineer have teamed up to create the Halide Camera App.

This brilliant iPhonography app allows users much more control over their high powered phone cameras than previously allowed. Pretty much every tool that you would use on your usual DSLR is right here in this software. The sleek user interface lets photographers make manual adjustments on settings like white balance, iso, and exposure making it easy to capture great images in challenging lighting situations. Having trouble finding the right depth of field? Halide allows for focus peaking so you can nail that portrait perfectly. That means no more dealing with shots that focus too narrowly or too broadly. Download it while you can – word is that the price will be raised as soon as next week.

Purchase: $3