Dec 5, 2014

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When was the last time you got a head-turning reaction while riding a bicycle? With pants on, we mean. Exactly, it doesn’t happen too often. But that all changes with Halfbike by Kolelinia.

Designed for maximum urban mobility, Halfbike has a big wheel in the front and two small ones in the back, giving you the ability to swiftly swerve as you pedal through the city streets. To turn, you just lean in the desired direction. It’s also pretty compact, so if you need to carry it up some steps or bring it on the subway, you’re good to go. Made by hand with high-quality materials and components, Halfbike features a lightweight, laser-cut aluminum frame that’s hand-welded. The handlebar is hand crafted from impregnated plywood, which we assume is something that happens after a male and female plywood show they love each other very much. [Purchase]

Halfbike 2

Halfbike 3

Halfbike 4


Halfbike 6

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