Halfbike II

The original Halfbike hit the scene late last year, and made quite a splash during its debut. Now the creative time is back with the first iteration of the fan favorite. Introducing the Halfbike II.

With one large wheel up front, and two much smaller wheels situated out back, the Halfbike II looks nothing like your ordinary bicycle – and that’s because it isn’t. It’s designed to get you involved, letting you control what direction you’re heading in by simply leaning one way or the other. The bike is not only compact, but it’s also lightweight, tipping the scales at just under 18 pounds. Each one is made from locally sourced, high quality materials which include a laser cut aluminum frame mated to impregnated plywood handlebars. The 2-wheeler has come a long way since its original unveiling, and once it hits the retail scene, will sell for $599. [Purchase]

Halfbike II 3

Halfbike II 5

Halfbike II 6

Halfbike II 7