HAL-9000 Virtual Assistant

Master Replicas, a company known for their high-quality reproductions of props from Star Wars and Star Trek, is getting ready to release a working version of HAL-9000 for the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s famous film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Don’t worry, though. Steve Dymszo, the CEO of the company promises that this one won’t try to lock you out of your own home.

This officially licensed replica will run off of an Amazon Fire HD tablet and utilize the online retailer’s voice assistant Alexa for answering any of your queries about the news or weather. As of right now, Master Replicas’ HAL-9000 will only parrot back famous lines from the film back to you if you ask it to. Otherwise, the tablet will answer queries with Alexa’s normal voice (though Dymszo is currently lobbying Amazon to try and get Alexa’s voice on this machine tuned to respond as HAL would). Each replica will be given a serial number ranging between 1 and 2001. Prices will be announced in April wen these go up for pre-order.

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