Hakusan Brings Back John Lennon’s Favorite Glasses After 40 Years

Over 40 years ago, Hakusan halted production of its iconic Mayfair silhouette to honor the passing of John Lennon — one of the style’s most notable connoisseurs. As a sign of respect toward the late artist, the brand would keep the accessory out of its manufacturing pipeline for the foreseeable future. Now, the legendary Japanese eyewear proprietor has decided to reintroduce the model to its catalog.

Cited as one of the favored silhouettes of Lennon in the final years of his life, the Mayfair has served to fuel Hakusan’s most intimate experiences with the musician. In an effort to put an end to replicated manufacturing and mimicked models, the Japanese outfit has opted to resume day-to-day production of the icon, returning to its authentic roots through the careful study of archival designs from the 1980s. The acrylic model will arrive in three different colorways — Transparent, Ranko, and Havana — and feature inscribed kanji on the innermost portion of the frame. You’ll be able to find these unique eyewear accessories on the brand’s website in January at a price point of $445.

Purchase: $445