Haiku Garage Light

Garages need good lighting, too. Some would argue that good lighting is critical to your garage space, and yet it often goes neglected. Haiku looks to change all that, rolling out a brand new series of lights built specifically for that part of the house.

Built from from a single piece of anodized aluminum, each ultra bright overhead light puts off 13,000 lumens – an output nearly 16 times greater than a typical 60-watt bulb. Not only is it brighter than whatever sad lightbulb you’re currently using to illuminate your garage – the LED lights in this fixture are rated to last over 100 years. The light comes pre-wired for easy single person installation, and while it includes S-hooks for simple ceiling installation, there’s also an optional adjustable wall mount available as well. Haiku makes it easy to set up your lights and take your garage back from the shadows. [Purchase]