Hadoro Carbon Black AirPods

The Apple AirPods seem to keep getting special paint jobs for those that want a little extra something, as we’ve seen with the 24k Gold Lux AirPods and the Colorware Retro AirPods. Focusing on more than just aesthetic flair, Hadoro’s Carbon Black AirPods are also about functionality.

Produced at Hadoro’s facility, the carbon fiber used for the Apple AirPods case is five times stronger and considerably lighter than steel, so you’ll know that your AirPods will be safe in their case from life’s little accidents. The carbon fiber case also has a sleek fiber weave pattern with a graphite finish, keeping them visually enticing. The actual AirPods themselves are dipped in a durable, scratch-resistant soft-touch finish. To make your AirPods even more unique, you have the option of having four letters engraved on the case for an additional fee. Grab a pair of these ergonomic ebony earbuds now.

Purchase: $745