Hackrod La Bandita Speedster

Back in the day, if you wanted a custom car, you had the option of talking to a builder directly about what you wanted, picking out parts from a catalogue, or building the damn thing yourself. One way or another, the process was long and painstaking. A lot has changed since that time, however, as evidenced by the Hackrod La Bandita Speedster – the world’s first VR-modeled, AI-engineered, 3D-printed car.

Working alongside Siemens (the industrial conglomerate), California-based digital manufacturing company Hackrod is endeavoring to revolutionize the automotive industry by completely digitizing the custom creation of vehicles. The La Bandita is their proof of concept – utilizing mixed reality for its design and virtual road tests (like a video game) prior to manufacturing. They also plan to allow customers complete creative freedom and transparency, meaning – from start to finish – customers can decide how they want their car built and can even watch the process. In fact, the only guarantee is that each car will be put together atop Hackrod’s innovative aerospace-grade alloy 3D-printed chassis. If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of one of these futuristic roadsters, get in touch with Hackrod for more information.

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