H. Moser & Cie’s Final Vantablack Swiss Alp Watch Is A $30K Apple Parody

Innovative Swiss watchmaker H. Moser & Cie has been taking shots at the Apple Watch for years with its Swiss Alp parody watch, and now the final update of the model has arrived with some clever new details.

Like previous iterations of Moser’s Swiss Alp Watch, the final update looks like an Apple Watch at first glance, with a design clearly meant to emulate the ubiquitous smartwatch. But looks are where the similarities end. The Swiss Alp is an entirely mechanical watch, with nary a text or email notification in sight. Inside the DLC stainless steel case beats Moser’s in-house HMC 324 hand-wind calibre. Visible through the sapphire caseback, the lavishly-decorated movement displays a power reserve indicator. The front of the watch has even more visual interest, with a dial made from Vantablack — the darkest man-made material ever — that does a great job of imitating a digital screen. The coup de grâce is a mechanical small seconds complication that looks just like an Apple loading symbol and serves the purpose of “reminding the wearer of the fleeting nature of time,” according to Moser. With only 50 watches being produced, you can pick up your own Luddite status symbol for a mere $30,800.

Purchase: $30,800