GYMWATCH Sensor Fitness Tracker

When it comes to fitness trackers, gym goers and fitness enthusiasts have a plethora of options to choose from. The German design team behind GYMWATCH Sensor is joining the long list of options, but they’re offering up something a bit more versatile for the athlete in all of us.

Where most fitness trackers slide over your wrist, GYMWATCH is attached to an elastic band, giving you the ability to strap this thing up anywhere on your body. And as where most trackers are designed for the person looking to improve their daily habits, GYMWATCH was built for the avid fitness enthusiast. Think of it as your virtual weight-lifting buddy for the gym. The award-winning device was made to measure strength and motion across fitness exercises ranging from machines and free weights to calisthenics. Thanks to instant feedback on your movements, it’s able to provide real-time personal coaching during your workout sessions, helping you get the most out of every gym session. It will even watch the optimum weight for your weight lifting workouts, ensuring you’re always pushing your workouts to the limit. The tracker can be recharged using a Micro-USB, and currently works with both iOS and Android powered devices. [Purchase]

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