Gunbus 410: The World’s Largest Motorcycle

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Rides

The Gunbus 410 Motorcycle may look like your run of the mill motorcycle, that is until you see the photos of this monstrous 2-wheeled machine next to an actual sized motorcycle.

Crowned the world’s largest motorcycle, this beast measures in at 11.6 feet long and 4.9 feet high. In order to measure up to these insane heights, the Gunbus 410 has been outfitted with a 38 inch wheel up front, and a massive 42 inch wheel outback. Tipping the scales at 1,433 pounds, it’s far from the lightest 2-wheeled vehicle on the road, but with 350 horsepower and  523 lb-ft of torque being produced through its 6.7 liter twin cylinder engine, you can still blow by anyone while merging onto the freeway on-ramp. Like what you see? Expect on spending about $350,000 for this motorcycle. Yeah that’s more than many supercars.

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 2

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 3

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 4

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 5

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 6

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 7

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 8

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 9

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle 10

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