Gumshoe Sneakers

Using upcycled materials to make sneakers isn’t anything all that new; Adidas has its Parley shoes, Nike has their GRIND line, and plenty of other smaller brands have similarly eco-friendly kicks. No one, though, has ever been as bold as Amsterdam-based Gumdrop with their totally unique Gumshoe sneakers.

With outsoles made from repurposed gum, these may very well be the most radically recycled shoes we’ve ever come across. According to the managing director of the company, they discovered that gum was made of a synthetic rubber that could be broken down and then used to create a new type or rubber they’re calling Gumtec. Part product and part awareness campaign, the team at Gumdrop are making sure to highlight the fact that Amsterdam’s streets are littered with nearly 3.3 million pounds of gum and the city has to spend millions to clean it up. Who knows, if enough demand is created for Gumtec folks may have more of an incentive to spit that gum out somewhere other than the pavement.

Pre-Order: $60+