Gulas Pi1 Electric Bicycle

eBikes are a pretty polarizing vehicle type; you either love them or you hate them. We happen to be on the former side of that spectrum – so long as the ebikes we’re looking at offer something worthwhile. And the new Gulas Pi1 offers us something very encouraging: the highest top speed of the entire category.

Boasting 38 horsepower, this pedal-powered electric bicycle can get up to speeds of over 71 miles per hour and has a torque rating of just under 32 foot pounds. Pair that with an overall weight of just 282 pounds, and this bike’s got enough get-up-and-go to leave some full-sized cars in its dust (at least for a moment or two). It also comes with two different battery options and a whole host of available customizations – from upholstery material, to a luggage rack, to a custom frame color, and more. And, although it is pedal-driven (meaning there’s no handlebar throttle), this ebike goes fast enough that you will have to register it as a motorcycle. Get one now starting at $27,596.

Purchase: $27,596+