This 2.28oz ELMAX Steel OTF Auto Knife Is A Tactical & Practical EDC Blade

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Founded in 2012 by a CNC Master Machinist and a Senior Blade Design Engineer, Guardian Tactical produces thoroughly-calculated, tactically-focused items that are bestowed with the necessary durability and construction to lend themselves to everyday carry applications. And this successful formula can be seen in the artisan Pennsylvania brand’s GTX-025 OTF Automatic Knife.

Made in America, the GTX-025 OTF Auto is constructed around a 0.43” thick aluminum handle that’s been anodized to better stand up to the rigors of daily use. At 4” long and 1” wide, the handle provides ample surface space for grip — an area furthered by milled cross-hatching patterns on either side. A heavily-jimped thumb-slide ensures similar levels of traction upon deployment. The heavy-duty spring-loaded handle conceals a 2.50” (0.13″ thick) black stonewash, hollow-ground, drop point blade made from “ELMAX” steel, Bohler’s ultra-top-shelf, high chromium-vanadium-molybdenum-alloyed “super steel.” Guided by friction-mitigating ceramic bearings, the double-action auto’s blade is deployed via an innovative OTF mechanism that allows for a ridiculously smooth and responsive opening action, while the hollow-grind drop point’s milled fuller and drilled out sections along its spine add lightness, minimize recoil, and help this tactical EDC item weigh in at an extremely svelte 2.28oz (or 0.14lbs). The Guardian Tactical GTX-025 OTF Automatic Knife is available now on BladeHQ, where it can become part of your EDC loadout for $239.

Purchase: $239