This Reimagined Ferrari GTO 250 Is A V12 Coupe That’s Lighter Than A Miata

Though they’ve been around for just about as long as the automobile itself, the recipe for creating a race car has gone largely unchanged, with the primary objective being to minimize weight, shedding any and all superfluous components, and maximizing power, squeezing as much oomph out of engines as possible. Nonetheless, UK-based vintage Ferrari specialist, GTO Engineering has taken the traditional competition car formula and ran with it, doubling down on these key traits to deliver a modern-day tribute to the Prancing Horse’s 250 GTO christened the “Moderna.”.

Developed entirely in-house from the ground up, the Moderna is built around a lightweight tubular steel chassis paired with an aluminum subframe and draped in all carbon fiber bodywork. Ejecting spent fumes via a pair of dual exhaust tips, the car is powered by a V-12 engine designed by GTO’s in-house engineers. When coupled with the lightweight frame and bodywork, the Moderna manages to tip the scales at just under 2,200lbs—less than a Mazda Miata or Fiat 500. The interior hasn’t been revealed, though, like the LED-equipped exterior design, is expected to be an amalgamation of vintage and contemporary aesthetics. For more info on the project, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

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