Grub Hub Portable Camp Kitchen

Over the years we’ve featured a ton of camping kitchen gadgets that make preparing a meal much easier, but the Grub Hub Camp Kitchen takes things to a whole new level.

This rugged fully functional kitchen was created for the outdoors men that are looking to make a temporary home in the wild. While it looks a bit complex at first glance, this thing is simple to setup, and can be completely assembled in just 3 minutes. The Grub Hub provides everything one would need including tables, stove support, lantern support, collapsible sink, utensil rack, air dry bags, and has been designed to withstand any weather conditions mother nature can throw at it. When you’re all done, just fold this thing down to its suitcase form, and you’re ready to roll. Each unit retails for $375.

Purchase: $375

Grub Hub Portable Camp Kitchen 2

Grub Hub Portable Camp Kitchen 3

Grub Hub Portable Camp Kitchen 8