Craft & Serve Spiked Seltzers Anywhere With This Rugged Mobile Drink Maker

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Founded in 2014, GrowlerWerks first made a name for itself with the release of its “uKeg” pressurized beer growler. And after securing additional funding and rolling out new sizes and variants of its CO2-pressurized portable beer dispenser, the Portland-based brand has now applied its original guiding principles of innovation. craftsmanship, and ease of use to an all-new mobile hard seltzer maker.

Dubbed the “uKeg TWIST,” this clever all-in-one drink maker and dispenser is built around an 18/8 stainless steel double-walled (vacuum-insulated) bottle and is produced in 24oz and 36oz sizes. This item’s threaded, food-grade plastic cap features an Easy Twist Regulator that accepts standard 8-gram CO2 cartridges and sports an integrated handle, filtered straw, and a fold-out dispenser spout. Not requiring any electricity, making and serving drinks is as easy as adding your preferred ingredients, setting off the CO2 charge, shaking for 30-seconds, and then pouring, or drinking directly through the fold-out dispenser. The uKeg TWIST Hard Seltzer Maker is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign — which, as of the time of writing has already more than tripled its target goal of $75K — for as little as $44 for the 24oz model and only $54 for the 36oz version — both of which are offered in half-a-dozen color options and are sold with an included pair of 8-gram CO2 cartridges and a five-flavor seltzer sampler pack. With that said, there’s less than a week left to get in on these early bird prices, so act fast.

Kickstarter: $44+