Growler Chill Craft Beer Dispenser

You’ve spent hard earned money on your growler collection. We know this. We also know that in keeping these glass sanctuaries filled you’re supporting craft breweries in the process. So, why not reward yourself by treating your beer with respect and enjoying it the only way it should be enjoyed, poured straight from the keg?

At least that’s what the Growler Chill is attempting to accomplish with this nifty addition to either the kitchen or the home bar. It’s a household counter-tap for growlers, keeping your beer fresh, purging oxygen from the growler, and keeping it refreshingly cold in the process. It can house up to three growlers of your favorite beer inside the device’s patented design and you can even link up the counter-tap to your smartphone with their included app. Keep track of your beer’s volume, control temperature, get notified with sanitation alerts, even learn a bit of history about the beer you’re drinking. It’s available now for reservation on Kickstarter where prices start at $379. [Purchase]