Grog Animated Knots App

Knowing how to tie a proper knot for an appropriate occasion is one of the most important survival skills you can have in your repertoire. But very few people have actually memorized how to tie more than just a couple. Now, thanks to Grog’s Animated Knots smartphone app, you can split the difference by learning how to tie any knot on-the-fly.

The process is simple: download the app on your phone or tablet, navigate their easy-to-use situational database, select a knot, and follow the instructions (which appear both written and in animated formats). That’s literally all there is to it. Best of all, each knot comes with some info on its background, potential applications, and more. So the next time you need to know how to dock a boat, rig a hammock, or put together a snare to catch small game – just whip out your phone and learn then and there. Animated Knots can be purchased in the App Store for $5. Or you can use the Animated Knots website for free, though it is a bit harder to navigate.

Purchase: $5+