Griffin Pocket Tool

A legendary creature heralding from Greek mythology, the Griffin was meant to inspire terror and fear. A grotesque amalgam of an eagle and a lion – it boasted twice the strength of any other earthly animal. Much like this multi-tool’s namesake, the Griffin Pocket Tool from Coyote Mountain Outdoors combines a variety of different tools into one small tool that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Made from a polished stainless steel, this three-inch long, .5 ounce piece incorporates up to 11 different tools into its small build. If you are looking to tighten hexes, you can use the 4mm, 5mm or even 7mm hex drive, or you can just as easily pop open bottle caps with the opener. Whether you are looking to throw this on a keychain or slide it into your pocket – this tool is a great minimalist multitool for everyday carry. Prices are set at $20. [Purchase]

Griffin Pocket Tool 3

Griffin Pocket Tool 2

Griffin Pocket Tool 1