Greyp G6 Smart Mountain Bikes

While there are a lot of mountain bikes out there that offer some measure of electronic assistance or smart features, few (if any) utilize the technology to its fullest potential. The folks at Greyp, however, are looking to change that with their G6 series of smart bicycles — which just might be the smartest ever made.

The bikes are available in three varieties — the G6.1 BOLD FS, G6.2 EXPERT FS, and G6.3 REBEL FS — have everything you’d expect from a solid eMTB and more. That includes carbon-reinforced composite frames, sturdy off-road suspensions, and an MPF Drive motor pedal assistance feature powered by a removable lithium-ion battery. Where they differ, however, is in the fact that they were designed around their smart features and electric drivetrains — rather than just being pedal bikes with added electric bits. You see, these bikes have a series of integrated sensors to help increase performance when necessary and back off when not — which includes the ability to detect the user’s heart rate and increase or decrease the pedal assistance on-the-fly. They also come with the options for integrated LED lighting, 1080p action cameras (which pair with an included app for easy control), their own onboard eSIM cards for constant connectivity, and a simple dashboard mode for the smartphone app. Pricing starts at $7,370.

Purchase: $7,370+