Greenmoxie Tiny Cabin

Dec 12, 2016

Category: Living

Not that long ago if you threw around the words ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, and ‘eco-friendly’ folks would roll their eyes and prepare to deal with some holier-than-thou lecture. It seems now, though, that the appeal of these different design principles are a little more accepted. Why? Because they work. Just look at the Greenmoxie Tiny House Project for instance.

This isn’t, as the team at Greenmoxie put it, ‘a fancy trailer that needs to hook into the grid and sewage system’. It is a completely self sustaining off the grid home with a roof water recovery system, solar panel system, and composting toilet. Despite what you’d think, this tiny home doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort in the name of these energy and resource-saving features. Quite the opposite. The sustainable and environmentally friendly practice of repurposing old materials help add a real character to the brand new home. Made with reclaimed modern windows, hardwood oak flooring on the interior, and old barn wood ceilings – the entire space gives off a rustic but refined feel. The space is only 345 square feet, but thanks to a creative use of space it easily fits two and works perfectly as a getaway from all of the distractions daily life brings with it. Prices start at $65,000. [Purchase]

Greenmoxie Tiny House 2

Greenmoxie Tiny House 3

Greenmoxie Tiny House 4

Greenmoxie Tiny House 5

Greenmoxie Tiny House 6

Greenmoxie Tiny House 7

Greenmoxie Tiny House 8

Greenmoxie Tiny House 9

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