GREATS Gives Its Royale Sneaker A Sustainable Eco Leather Overhaul

Even the most casual sneakerhead can tell you that a pair of leather kicks is a staple element of any fashion-minded footwear rotation. In addition to matching with virtually anything in your wardrobe, they also add an element of class to your outfit. However, if you’re of the planet-minded persuasion, there’s typically one glaring issue: sustainability.

Luckily, Brooklyn-based GREATS has you covered with their latest shoe drop: an eco-friendly overhaul of the best-selling Royale silhouette they’re calling ‘The Royale Eco Leather.’ Made from 50% recycled leather and 20% recycled fibers, they cut down on waste production by using the scraps that would have gone into landfills. In practice, this means that each pair features an 80% smaller carbon footprint, with the added bonus of being 5x more durable and 40% lighter than traditional leather sneakers. And when you consider that the footbed has been made with Bloom algae foam from overpopulated ecosystems, The Royale Eco Leather makes for a shoe that looks the part while supporting the planet at the same time. Grab them from GREATS for $169.

Purchase: $169