Grayl Water Purifier

Portable water purification has become all the rage in the hiking and adventurer community, mostly thanks to the Lifestraw Steel. Now, there’s a new entrant into the market, the Grayl Water Purifier.

The device lets you purify and drink water from virtually any source you’d find in the wild in just 15 seconds. Water is scooped into the cup, and then users plunge the water filter through the canister, similar to the manner in which you would use a French press. Doing so results in a pint of clean drinking water in under 15 seconds, with no bacteria, heavy metals, parasites, chemicals or other nasty things present. The company claims it removes 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria, protozoan cysts, and viruses. There are three different filters available, each of which have a different function. It’s available now starting at $60. [Purchase]

Grayl Water Purifier 01

Grayl Water Purifier 02

Grayl Water Purifier 03