Granite Camp Pants 2.0 by Western Rise

Generally speaking, when you take a business trip or go to see relatives during the holidays, the longer you’re gone the more clothes you’ll want to bring. While backpacking, however, that rule doesn’t quite apply. More clothes means more weight and less room for gear and food, which is why Western Rise’s¬†Granite Camp Pants 2.0 are the perfect pick for the outdoorsman.

Cut from a nylon and elastane cloth and treated with C6 Durable Water Repellent, these pants are built to keep you comfortable and dry no matter what you’re doing – day after day. Along with being able to repel spilt coffee, sudden rain, and the occasional beer, the pants feature a tightly woven nylon exterior that keeps the fabric from running when rubbed up against rocks and branches on the trail. For those looking to keep their knife close on them, the pants pocket boasts a cordura knife wedge to keep the clip from wearing down on your pants, and for cyclists, Western Rise even included a reflective flip-cuff for visibility at night. To top off all of the cool features of these pants, a portion of every sale goes to the Western Rivers Conservancy. Prices set at $109. [Purchase]

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