Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

Gramophone For iPhone and iPad 0
Would Thomas Edison still have invented the phonograph had he known it’d be used to play The Captain and Tennille decades later? Perhaps not. But that landmark invention forms the foundation here for this ultra-retro Gramophone for the iPhone (or iPad) from Restoration Hardware.

Of course the giant metal horn is in full effect, but there’s absolutely no need for electricity or batteries— just put your device in the solid wood dock and let physics take care of the rest. It promises to boost the volume of whatever you’re playing (“Muskrat Love”?) by three to four times. All iPhone and iPad models work with it, except for the iPad mini. The base is handcrafted from solid walnut and fine walnut veneer, and the horn is made from iron and brass. Brass, by the way, is the same thing you’ll need your plums to be made out of if you crank up “Love Will Keep Us Together” in public. [Purchase]

Gramophone For iPhone and iPad 1