Grado Labs PS2000e Headphones

Known throughout the audiophile community as a high fidelity headphone boasting crisp sounds of magnificent magnitude, Grado has now released their first flagship headphones in over a decade. They’re more powerful, deliver better sound, and quite frankly could very well be considered one of the top tier headphones in the world.

Dubbed the PS2000e, they’re Grado’s finest headphones they’ve ever produced. Which is saying a lot. But when you consider each pair boasts an open-air frequency response between 5-50,000 Hz, a nominal impedance of 32 ohms, and feature a hand-carved maple inner chamber complete with a smoked chrome finish, the bigger picture begins to take shape. Such a construction helps eliminate distortions and ringing while their new driver allows you to hear the music like never before. Grado has also upped the comfort level here as well thanks to a wider leather band that promotes longer sessions under the spell of high-fidelity audio. Available now.

Purchase: $2,695