The 1TB GPD P2 Max Is The World’s Smallest Ultrabook

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially with tech since compact, portable devices are much more appealing for tech-savvy travelers. According to GamePad Digital, their GPD P2 Max is the world’s smallest Ultrabook.

The compact 8.9-inch GPD P2 Max Ultrabook can fit in your back pocket, but it doesn’t skimp out on power. It’s powered by an Intel Core M3 processor with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage. The compact laptop also has a leg up on the MacBook, as it comes with a touchscreen, active cooling, two full USB-A ports, and supports Micro HDMI. It also has slightly better resolution and weighs 270g less than Apple’s equivalent, which weighs in at 920g. Not to mention the Ultrabook can download a 1GB movie in just 10 seconds thanks to a built-in 2.4g /5G dual-band Wi-fi chip. And the 10-point touch control screen supports both finger and stylus input for convenience. The resale price for the GPD P2 Max Ultrabook starts at $529.

Purchase: $529+