Up Your Cooking Game with Gozney’s Blazing Hot Dome Pizza Oven

The outdoor cooking market is red hot right now. With food culture at an all-time high, people are more interested and more willing than ever to invest big bucks into ratcheting up the quality of their home cooking. One of the most popular niches we’ve seen grow over the last several years is the pizza oven space. And one of the biggest disruptors in this space is Gozney, which just came out with an innovative and gorgeous pizza oven called the Dome.

Before, if you wanted to make a pizza at home, you’d have to have a stalwart oven or an actual brick pizza oven that costs as much as a used car to make personal pies. While Gozney isn’t the first company to offer a home solution to cooking your own pizza, its Dome pizza oven is without a doubt one of the most efficient, professional-caliber pizza ovens an average Joe can have at his home. Now, the Dome will turn your porch, backyard, or even your driveway into an al-fresco pizzeria with Gozney’s sleek and minimalist powerhouse.

Reaching a blazing hot 950 degrees Fahrenheit, the Dome can make an authentic Neapolitan pie in a quick 60 seconds. Its modern design, cutting-edge airflow, and unique rolling flame technology make the Dome a cut above the rest. Moreover, the Dome sports a thick 30mm stone floor that acts as a “heat sink” to offer unparalleled heat retention, while its extra-wide mouth empowers users to cook a large 16″ pizza with ease. For extra precision, the Dome features an ultra-accurate digital thermometer.

If all of those features aren’t enough, Gozney will be releasing Dome accessories that will allow users to roast, smoke, steam, and bake in their Domes as well. The Gozney Dome comes in two options: a wood burner only that retails for $1,499, and a dual fuel gas/wood burner that retails for $1,799. Customers can purchase the Dome on Gozney’s website.

Purchase: $1,499+

Photo: Gozney
Photo: Gozney