GovDeals: TSA Confiscated Knives & Multi-Tools

On any given day, 1.9 million people file through TSA checkpoints, buy an unsatisfying meal, and then find their seat somewhere on a cramped airplane. For the most part, all of this goes off without a hitch. Every once in a while, however, someone is forgetful (or dumb) enough to bring a knife into the screening area. If you’re anything like us – you’ve always wondered what happens to those items. Well, finally, we’ve come across an answer. Introducing the GovDeals Knife Marketplace.

Looking something like an early eBay combined with Craigslist, this bare-bones website boasts a wild number of deals ranging from Agricultural equipment and commodities to Woodworking equipment. If you go to the ‘Confiscated/Forfeited/Personal Property’ section of the site, however, you can find knives of all types sold individually or by the pound. Trust us when we say that this stuff is far from junk. There are knives on here we’d love to call our own. For the most part these will sell for about the same price as they would on eBay, but you’ll occasionally get a real steal. [H/T: Gear Patrol]

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