GoTenna Text Messages Without Cell Service

We’ve got another entry for that Morpehus meme that was popular a couple of years ago. It goes something like this: What if I told you text messages could be sent without cellular service or Wi-Fi?

OK, so it won’t elicit many chuckles on social media, but it’s true when we’re talking about the goTenna, a radio antenna that communicates with other goTennas and lets you type banal timewasters like “Sup?” or more serious entries like “Help! Dad is trapped under either an angry or very horny tortoise!” all without involving Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, or any of those other necessary evils. Just clip the bar-style piece of hardware to your belt or stick it in a pocket, connect via Bluetooth, and launch the app. You’re then ready to text anyone with their own goTenna within a 50.5 mile range. It’s a private network with the texts moving quickly via low-frequency radio waves in under a second, and all messages are self-destructing. Look for it this fall, with pre-orders now at $149.99 a pair. [Purchase]

goTenna 2

goTenna 3

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