GoSun Solar Dogger

There is no food more fit for summer than the hot dog. Perfect for baseball games, backyard bbqs, camping trips, or whatever other outdoor kickback you find yourself at, it’s just about as classic as it gets. It is fitting then that GoSun has come up with a way to easily cook up some dogs using the power of the sun with their newly announced Solar Dogger.

This cooker uses the same compound parabolic reflectors and vacuum tube that the brand has used in previous larger models – just now they’re much easier to fold up and bring along with you wherever you want to go. Despite the smaller size and weight, the Solar Dogger is large enough to fit two hot dogs at a time. By reflecting sunlight onto the tube the chamber heats up to 550 degrees and can cook hot dogs in just under 10 minutes. Despite this extreme heat, the outside of the tube remains cool to the touch making it safe to use around children. In addition to all the utility you’ll get out of these as cookers, the Solar Dogger comes with informational booklets explaining the science behind how it works. Prices start at just $60. [Purchase]