This ISPO Award-Winning Ultralight Running Jacket Is Warm & Waterproof

Properly dressing for cold weather running is a tricky proposition rife with tradeoffs. While layering your outfit according to the temperature keeps you warm, it can also lead to some cumbersome, motion-inhibiting setups. On the other hand, a minimalist dresscode may allow for unrivaled freedom, but it also puts you at risk of exposure-related injury.

Here to change your winter wardrobe is the R5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Insulated Jacket from Gore Wear. With an ISPO Product of the Year Award under its belt, the R5 jacket has already proven to be a cut above the competition. It features a totally windproof yet incredibly breathable design courtesy of its GORE-TEX INFINIUM construction. To put it another way — this jacket keeps you warm without leaving you drenched in sweat. What’s more is that with its POLARTEC ALPHA insulation, the R5 is a capable standalone option, even as temperatures dip near freezing. And when it comes to running, the R5 jacket’s Form Fit means that it’s optimized for athletic movement. Add in an adjustable bottom hem, a close-fitting hood, and some reflective elements, and you have a jacket ready to take on whatever winter has to offer. Pick it up today for $270.

Purchase: $270